Water Damage from Water Leaks. Advice on What to do.

Water Damage Furniture
Water Damage Insurance Claim

Naturally, our homes rely on water and as long as it’s safely contained in a pipe, sink, tub, or appropriate appliance, like a dishwasher there is no need to be concerned about water damage or water damage insurance claims.

Water Leaks can fast become the enemy if the water goes where it shouldn’t, potentially creating water damage to your home or commercial business.

Significant water damage to your home or commercial business can originate unexpectedly from several sources such as a burst leaky pipe, a damaged appliance or fixture, or a structural water leak.

Being prepared for such water leak and water damage related occurrences can help any potential distress and it can help expedite the Insurance claims process when filing an insurance claim.

Having the information as to how to source a plumber or other licensed contractor to protect your home or commercial business is important to help protect you from further water damage. Water leak problems like this can problems like happen at ANYTIME without prior notice, so preparedness is of utmost importance.

Water can damage more than just floors, ceilings, and walls. It can cause greater damage that can affect your valuable electronics, appliances, and furnishings.

Always have an up to date inventory of your belongings, The more organized you are the better it will be when filing a contents insurance claim. Make sure to include brand names and serial numbers. Take photos and video to properly document your possessions and the structure of your home. These images of your contents and valuables will provide before and after documentation that is crucial when filing an insurance claim.

Keep this information stored in a safe place!

How we make your Insurance Denied to Approved

What you do after you discover the water damage can determine whether your water damage related insurance claim can be denied by your insurance company.

After the Water leak problem has been detected you need to identify the source of the water leak.

The source of water damage isn’t always as clear. It can take time to identify the exact location of the source.

Advice on steps to follow to help ensure the best possible outcome for your insurance claim.

· If the source of the water is plumbing related turn off the water supply AND electricity to prevent further damage and ensure personal safety

· Contact an Emergency Mitigation Service and a professional, licensed plumber to identify and repair the issue as soon as possible.

· Once the water and electricity are turned off, it is time to assess the damage. Do this quickly because the longer water sits the more time it has to develop into a BIGGER problem like mold.

· Take inventory of anything that has been affected by the water. Again, include multiple photos, videos, serial numbers, receipts, and any other information you would consider pertinent. The more information you have, the easier the process will be when reaching out to your insurance company for when you file your insurance claim.

· Protect undamaged belongings. You have already suffered a water damage loss. Move furniture, electronics, and anything of value away from the water to prevent more problems.

· Start the drying process. As stated earlier, water damage can quickly turn into a much larger problem if it is not dealt with immediately. You have about 24 hours to address the issue before it starts developing into a much more serious situation. Do not hesitate to call a Licensed Plumber to help ensure the water damage issue does not become more serious. Also Call and Emergency Mitigation Service to assist in drying out the water damaged area. These licensed professionals generally have tremendous experience with Water Leaks and the resulting water damage. They also have access to the tools and materials that most of us do not have in our homes or commercial business. In many cases – these expenses are automatically covered by your homeowner’s Insurance Policy.

· Making contacts early, such as a reliable licensed plumber and access to an Emergency Mitigation Service ahead of time will help to ensure that you bring yourself and your home or commercial business back to normal as soon as possible. Having a primary and secondary contact on hand is best, especially when dealing with water damage related emergencies.


Are you Covered?

When dealing with unexpected water damage it is important to know what your homeowners or commercial insurance policy covers.

Many policies do not include flood protection and that is something that, as a homeowner, should be considered if you are living in an area susceptible to flooding.

Most homeowner policies will cover water damage from burst pipes or water heaters when the cause is sudden and accidental.

So, if your water heater, dishwasher or sink bursts and soaks your drywall, you’re likely protected from the water damage by your insurance company policy.

Water damage from a flood requires a separate flood insurance policy.

Water damage from water backup from sewers or drains or overflow of water from a sump pump typically requires additional optional coverage.

Consider hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster to avoid insurance claim submission mistakes and to ideally speed up the process for your insurance claim.

Consider hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster to avoid insurance claim submission mistakes and to ideally speed up the process for your insurance claim.

Public insurance adjusters are licensed to represent you, the policyholder, NOT the insurance company. They are your advocate and act in your best interest. The insurance adjuster that is sent by your insurance company is sent to represent the best interests of your insurance company – NOT you, the insurance policyholder.

If you have further questions or would like to contact us for a free insurance policy and or insurance claim review, call 1 (800) 446-4496 for immediate assistance. Lightman + Fields Public Insurance Adjusters INC has been serving residential homeowners insurance policyholders and commercial business insurance policyholders since 1985.

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