Hurricanes are a fact of life. From Texas, along the Southern Coast to Florida and up the east coast to Maine, we are here to help.

Insurance claims for Hurricane Damage, Storm Damage, Hurricane and Storm Destruction will most certainly benefit from the guidance of a licensed, Insured and Bonded Public Insurance adjuster.

There is no upfront cost or obligation.
Take the time to find out more.

With several years of experience, we have maximized the money received by our insurance claim clients. Time and time again we have gotten our insurance claim clients more money than their initial insurance claim settlement offer. While nothing is guaranteed, in the majority of cases we’re able to negotiate a larger insurance claim settlement for our clients which in most cases covers the cost of our Public Insurance Adjuster Claims service fee.

If you have experienced damage from a storm, wind storm or a hurricane storm it is important to contact Quest Public Insurance Adjusters, LLC as soon as possible. We can assist by sending the appropriate professionals for to help mitigate the damage and assist with filing your insurance claim.

It is essential to minimize and damage from your hail storm, wind storm, or hurricane storm damage as quickly as possible.

Our advice is free. There are no initial fees or obligation. Call 1 (800) 446-4496 for immediate assistance.

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Hurricane, Storm and Wind Damage

Hurricane storm damage and wind insurance damage claims range in size and damage.  When you experience a Hurricane, storm and wind damage claims it is best to consult a professional who can help.  These services come at no up front cost to you. If you have a storm related emergency, call us now at  1(800)446-4496

Why Insured Hurricane Damage Property Owners need professional assistance:  

Getting a public insurance adjuster involved in your claim early can help you get paid fairly and avoid claim submission mistakes we often see in catastrophe situations.

As your public insurance adjuster we are licensed to represent your best interest, document damages, file and negotiate your claim with the insurer. We do not represent the Insurance Company. Don’t wait for your insurance claim to be underpaid or denied.



Before the Storm -

Some Useful Tips to Help You Prepare for Hurricane, Hail Storm or General Storm Damage

When your home or business suffers damage caused by a hurricane, storm or wind damage of any kind, from tropical storms to blizzards, being caught without a safety net that protects your life and your investments can be more catastrophic than the act itself.

The key to filing a hurricane insurance claim and successfully receiving just compensation for your loss is to have everything prepared before the hurricane happens.

Here are five things you can do to protect yourself, your family and your assets before, during and after a storm.

Prepare and keep detailed documentation on all of your assets and possessions.

  • Take photos and video of everything you own of significant value, including jewelry, appliances, computers, furniture, etc.

  • Take multiple-shot photos of the inside and outside of your home, every room and every section, including foundation, roof, pool, sheds and fences, among other things.

  • Keep a written inventory of every item of value in your home, complete with brand name/model/serial number, as well as purchase date, location and price.

  • Scan all vital documentation for everyone in your home, including license, passport, birth certificates, etc.

  • Then, upload it all into a secure internet cloud storage so that the information is safe to reference to for your hurricane insurance claim.

Be sure to create a family emergency hurricane plan and make sure everyone knows it and has access to it.

In case of a hurricane emergency, it is IMPORTANT that everyone in the family knows where to go in case contact is lost. That should know what numbers to call, what hurricane protocol and evacuations routes should be taken and what procedure to follow after the hurricane.

Hire all contractors you might need for your home or business before the Hurricane.

Waiting to interview and hire contractors just as everything has happened means a lot of unreturned phone calls and long waits. If you plan in advance of a hurricane, and have landscapers, electricians and handymen lined up in case anything happens, you can get back to normal day-to-day as soon after the hurricane as you can.

Prepare emergency bags for each family member ahead of time.

So you can be ready for a hurricane related evacuation at any given time. Make sure to include Include cash, clothes, toiletries and medications, just in case. It will also save you time when you’re attempting to evacuate from a hurricane your home or commercial business.

Be sure to understand exactly what’s happening.

Familiarize yourself with information, terminology and area procedure for storms, hurricanes, etc. Make sure you are have the right information so that you know what to do in the event of a Hurricane related emergency.

The public insurance adjusters at Quest Public Insurance Adjusters have been helping homeowners and commercial business owners in Florida, South Carolina and the U.S. Virgin Islands file negotiate and settle their insurance claims.

Our years of experience ensure that you receive knowledgeable, accurate and timely results. Our Public Insurance adjusters understand the ins and outs of the all insurance claims especially hurricane insurance related claims. We know what to do to get as much as possible for your Hurricane Insurance Settlement.


Quest Public Insurance Adjusters  has been representing Property damage Homeowners and Commercial Business owners for over five years across four  states.

Refuse be a victim, plan ahead and let us work on your hurricane insurance claim to get you the results that you deserve.

Other Insurance Claim Related Damages

  • Business Interruption
  • Smoke Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Denied Insurance Claim
Approved Insurance Claim

We can re-open your old claims or file supplemental damage claims. For a free insurance claim review – Call 1(800)446-4496. For the best results we can schedule a no cost and no obligation visit to inspect your damage.

Ideally you should call a Florida Public Insurance Adjuster BEFORE you contact your insurance company on a hurricane insurance claim for your Hurricane Damage.

If you have already started the insurance claims process be sure to follow these steps:

  • For your hurricane insurance claim, Make sure to obtain a complete copy of your insurance policy including the named insured on your insurance policy and your insurance policy number
  • Make sure to note the name of the insurance company individual you reported your Hurricane insurance claim to
  • Get the hurricane insurance claim number assigned to your hurricane insurance claim.
  • Take business cards and / or contact information from anyone you interact with from the insurance company related to your Hurrricane insurance claim.
  • Be extremely careful with the forms you sign when dealing with your hurricane insurance claim!
  • Take as many Photos & Videos as possible of your hurricane damage!
  • If in doubt you should call a public adjuster first.


Speak with a Licensed & insured Public Insurance Adjuster now 1(800) 446-4496 for immediate assistance

Hurricane Effect
Under-Paid Insurance Claims
  • If you feel you feel the settlement offer from the insurance company regarding your water damage claim from a water leak, plumbing leak         or any other type of water damage. You do not have to accept your insurance company underpayment. You have the right to hire a                       professional to assist in maximizing your insurance claim maximize your financial recovery.
  • Call us for your free insurance claim evaluation 1 (800) 446-4496
Initial Insurance Claims
  • The best time to hire a public adjuster is as soon as possible once the water leak, plumbing leak or any other type of water damage is                  experienced. Let our experienced public adjusters navigate the claim.
  • We are committed to making your settlement process as P A I N L E S S as possible.
Denied Insurance Claims
  • Many homeowners and commercial business insurance damage claims for Hurricanes and storms can result in a wrongfully denied                    insurance claim. Water leak damage, plumbing leak damage, or any other type of storm or hurricane damage claims are wrongfully denied.        With Quest Public Insurance Adjusters we help to ensure that you receive what you are entitled to by your insurance company; and you                home owners or business Insurance policy. You do not have to accept the wrongful denial as the final word.
  • In most cases, we can turn that denial around and get you the insurance claim compensation you deserve.


Call us for a free insurance claim evaluation call now 1(800) 446-4496

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